Bored as hell in corporate dystopia, our protagonist have invading fantasies. But are they really ? Explore the 3 levels of corporate hell and cosmic fantasy to help our hero Ienuh find his way out and defeat the Director.

Cosmic Delusion is a dungeon-crawler RPG made in seven days during the Dungeon Crawler Jam 2023. The theme was duality.

How to play:

Escape by exploring a corporate maze and its alternate world!  Some inhabitants will be hostile to you. During combat you will be able to select up to 3 attacks at once to play against an enemy. The enemy will also program 1, 2 or 3 attacks. 

Mouse over your or enemy abilities to know what it does and where it lands. Each ability have a damage value, a move value and if the attack changes your color.

Your color determines in which direction you will move. Opposite colors attract each other, but same colors push you away, just like magnets. You also do full damage to the opposite color, just like fire and water. Use that at your advantage, to get away from an attack or reduce the amount of damage it will inflict you.

The attack will be played first, then you will move, then your color will switch, for each ability.

The games end when you manage to escape the labyrinth!


WASD/Arrow Keys/Numpad to move, ENTER to interact, Left Click during combat


ColdEmber (Game Design / Programming / Writing)

Clint (Music)

Elizabeth Kyriakides (Sound)

Seto (Art / UI)

Tutas (Art)

The person who made the sprite for the hero wished to remain anonymous.

3 backgrounds were made using this

Tech bro gibberish dialogue was generated using ChatGPT

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